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Top 5 Day Trading Tips for Beginners

People will always give you hundreds of tips when you are embarking on a trading career. Whether you are embarking on trading futures, forex, or even stock, you need some tips to guide you around. Here are some common tips for day trading that will help you to invest where necessary and get some profits.

Start Small

If you still don’t have experience in day trading, always focus on trading small amounts as you grow your account. Many day traders make the mistake of starting with huge amounts of investments with the view of making huge profits within a short period. Most of these people end up losing and thereby creating a perception that day trading does not work. The secret lies in trading small, especially buying fractional shares.

Avoid Penny Stocks

Even though you are looking for low price deals, stay away from penny stocks. Most of the penny stocks are often illiquid, which means that you will struggle to move them out, and their prices don’t change. In major stock exchanges, you will not come across penny stocks as they often get de-listed. Unless you are sensing an opportunity of hitting the jackpot, stay clear of these stocks.

Knowledge Is Power

day tradingLike any other market, you will never succeed in the stock market if you don’t have sufficient knowledge. Beyond basic trading procedures, you need to equip yourself with the latest stock market news and essential aspects that affect the prices of stocks. Some of the most important details you need to equip yourself with include general economic outlook and interest rate plans, among others.

Be Realistic About Profits

If you want to embark on day trading, you need to be realistic about the profits you will be making. Your strategy will not yield profits at any given time. Experienced day traders make 50 to 60 percent of profits in their investment. Your plan should be to make higher profits to outweigh the losses that you will be getting on the way.

Take Your Time Before Driving

If you want to succeed in day trading, you have to set most of your day tracking the market. You don’t know when a profit-making opportunity will arise, so you have to keep track of the market and understand trends. Unless you are fortunate, 30 minutes will never be enough in day trading. Four hours will be enough for you to track the market and understand some trends before placing your investment.

These are some of the tips for day trading. They may not work for all day traders, but they have been consistently proven to generate significant results. Any combination of these tips will produce results.…

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